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#1 Niche Marketing Agency for Military Advertising

For over 30 years, we have successfully delivered data-driven military advertising campaigns based on in-house research and an extensive omni-channel media network to military markets. Refuel is the largest provider of Media + Marketing services for niche military audiences, advertising to military families, military personnel, Department of Defense civilians, and veterans. We are the only agency to have media platforms with custom global media and sponsorship access to 280+ bases, 400+ military publishers, VSOs, and sourced data on 20M uniques.

During service and after discharge, military personnel remain very brand loyal to those who support them. With our one-of-a-kind expertise and hundreds of military ad success stories, Refuel is the #1 choice to deliver niche military advertising objectives with military precision and measurable results. Refuel Military is dedicated to helping brands authentically and creatively reach the military audience through research, creative, media + marketing, and data-driven results.

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Active Military

1.3 million active duty
46% Gen Z
Avg age = 28.2
Spending power = $53.8 Billion

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1.1 million reserve/guard
32% Gen Z
Avg age = 31.8
Spending power = $63.6 Billion

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Active Military Families

1.0 million military spouses
48.7% of DoD is married
78% are ages 18-34
Avg # of children= 2

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19.2M veterans (non-retiree)
3.3M post 9/11 Veterans
85% are ages 25-54
2.0M retirees
Spending power = $939 billion

We Deliver Omni-Channel Solutions to the Military Market

Through our digital and on-base relationships, we have the unique ability to create award-winning, high-return military marketing campaigns which deploy our client’s message through multiple media outlets, including OOH and military print, helping to place advertising front and center with of this hard-to-reach audience.

With our unique omni-channel approach, and the largest choice of media solutions targeting military personnel, everything we do is set up to help agencies and clients boost their advertising campaigns and expand their military reach.

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The Refuel Advantage

Military bases are notoriously strict when it comes to advertising on-base. With over 30 years of experience as a base advertising agency, we know how to effectively reach military audiences while navigating regulations involved with on-base advertising.

It can be difficult to identify individuals online with military affinities. We have exclusive relationships both online and on-base to reach active duty, veterans, as well as military spouses and families.

Through our in-house research, we have exclusive insights into the military audience and successful military marketing trends.

Dedicated marketing managers create a custom 360° campaign designed to drive your message to military audiences globally.

Proprietary Research on Military Marketing Trends

We are the only Media + Marketing agency to have in-house research made up of 100% declared data from over 15,000 sources. With these exclusive insights, we keep our client’s campaigns on the track to success by using current market and audience trends in our strategies. Our annual Military Explorer Series™ research publication provides a combat strategy for consistent growth and return for military advertising campaigns.

We believe that campaign performance is the only thing that matters, and that our data-driven expertise is essential in producing the best results, and with 30 years of experience we know how to deliver this audience.

We Deliver Military Audiences to our Clients

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