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Our Story

Refuel your campaignTM


Once upon a time

Refuel was born from the most renowned youth, military and multicultural media and marketing firms in the industry. For over 35 years, we have grown through forward thinking and our distinctive ability to pivot. We partner with agencies and brands to authentically and creatively reach audiences through research, planning, creative, media, and marketing—to produce the best data-driven results.

Refuel Agency today

Today, Refuel Agency is a unique player in the industry. Everything we do is based on our proprietary audience research that you can only get at Refuel. We are “O2O”—offline-to-online—providing brands with a 360 degree sphere of influence and engagement with these coveted niche consumers. 

Meet Our

Prospect Capital

A Leader in Debt and Equity Investments in U.S. Middle Market Businesses, Prospect Capital Corporation has over $7B in investment assets. Prospect’s portfolio is diversified across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, industrials, energy, business services, financial services, food, healthcare and media, as well as many other sectors. PSEC completed its initial public offering (IPO) in 2004 and has owned Refuel Agency since 2011.

We continue to grow

Introducing brands to new audiences through innovative tactics, cutting-edge research and proprietary solutions

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