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Multicultural Marketing Solutions

Multicultural Marketing Solutions

Delivering Multicultural Marketing Solutions

Refuel Agency is the media and marketing expert for providing multicultural marketing services that reach diverse audiences. We build campaigns with a deep awareness of cultural values across Hispanic, African American, and Asian audiences, as well as over thirty additional ethnicities. We place brands and products front and center of this ever-growing consumer market through integrated, performance-drive media solutions.

Multicultural Out-of-Home Marketing

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Hispanic Reach:

Top Hispanic DMAs

African American Reach:

Top African American DMAs
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Post analysis and billing includes POP and metrics

Refuel helps you reach your niche multicultural target audience through strategic analysis of the audience’s daily movements and strategic multicultural marketing solutions. We deliver results by utilizing proprietary and partnership multicultural OOH marketing networks.

Refuel your Campaign with our high-impact multicultural OOH marketing and media networks including:

  • Traditional billboards
  • C-stores signage
  • Gas station signage
  • Airport advertising
  • Subways, bus and transit shelter displays
  • Hair and nail salons
  • Lunch trucks
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Newspapers are the most trusted media across Hispanic, African American, and Asian communities, demonstrating the importance of multicultural newspaper marketing. By aligning your brand with over 8,500 hyper-localized and international networks, your campaign will make deep and meaningful connections with our targeted readers and drive real results.

Refuel your Campaign with our comprehensive database combined with best pricing and fastest turn around in the industry:

  • ROP ads
  • Pre-printed inserts (FSI)
  • Specialty ads
  • Post-its
  • Cover-wraps
  • Double-trucks
  • Advertorials
  • Premium position

Multicultural Newspaper Marketing

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General Market Newspapers
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Hispanic Newspapers
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African American Newspapers
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Ethnic Adults Reached Monthly
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Post analysis and billing includes tear sheets (or e-tears) for all publications

Multicultural Digital Marketing

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Reach – Refuel Audence Data and Device IDs connect with:

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African Americans
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Other Ethnicities

Websites, games, apps, and more with mobile targeting

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Post analysis includes sample screen shots and metrics for all tactics.

Our multicultural digital marketing campaigns are designed by Refuel’s in-house digital strategists and are implemented by a team of tactical media buying experts. Programs are optimized and out-perform industry averages by a significant margin. For example: A typical Hispanic Email program results in 11-13% open rate and 1-2% CTR.

Refuel your Campaign with our 360° data driven omni-channel solutions including:

  • Email marketing
  • Programmatic display
  • Mobile device monitoring
  • Social Profile matching
  • Streaming media
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Website Publisher Direct
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Multicultural Radio Marketing

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We offer media planning, buying and trafficking covering every DMA across the country.

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Post analysis and billing includes post logs and air checks.

At Refuel, we develop and execute campaigns through integrated, performance-driven media solutions, placing your brands and products in front of Hispanic, African American, Asian and over 30+ other ethnicities. Multicultural radio marketing is an important part of our multicultural marketing solutions offering. Our large network buys provide access to specific target audiences based on geography, income, education, lifestyle, or product usage segments.

Refuel your Campaign with local, hyper-local, regional and national radio networks:

  • FM radio
  • AM radio
  • Sirius XM radio
  • Pandora
  • Spotify

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