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Media is a powerful way to inform, educate, and inspire. And at Refuel, we believe in the importance of educating our niche young audiences about the most important social impact causes of our time. Place your cause marketing campaign directly in front of our young audiences – from elementary school students to teens to college students. Our proprietary research combined with our omni-channel solutions – including digital, print, Out-of-Home, social media, and mobile – will place your campaigns in front of your target audience for repeat exposure and inspired action. Let us help you make an impact.  

#1 Teen In-School Audience

Audience Reach = 25.1M
Network = 12,500 Schools
Spending Power = $265.6B

#1 College On Campus Audience

Audience Reach = 21M
Network = 4,500 Colleges
Spending Power = $593B

Young Audiences Are Motivated by Causes

  • 36% of college students are active members of groups supporting specific issues or causes
  • 81% of college students are politically active
  • 1 in 4 college students donate to non-profit or issue campaigns
  • College students are 36% more likely to share their opinions about issues or causes on social, print, or broadcast media
  • 1 in 3 college students share opinions on social media
  • 26% of college students volunteer for their community

*Source: Refuel Agency College Explorer 2019

Our Proprietary Media Networks Tap Into Students' Environments

Refuel’s high-touch, high-frequency media placements in our national proprietary media network position your impactful message at eye level. Create meaningful social change by placing your message in high-traffic areas, exactly where its’ most relevant to students. Our custom campaigns and omni-channel solutions provide maximum exposure and repeat impressions – for results and inspired action. We own by far the largest in-school and on-campus media networks reaching upwards of 50% of these students each week.

cause marketing for young audiences
cause marketing for young audiences

Refuel Community = Inspired Action

For over 30 years, Refuel Agency has built relationships with school administrators, teachers, coaches, nurses, college administrators, and professors. The impact of our in-school and on campus media network goes beyond media placements in high-traffic areas. The effectiveness of our campaigns is also driven by the support and endorsement of in-school and on campus leaders that students listen to and respect. And these mentors and leaders are equally grateful to Refuel – and you – for educating their students on important causes.   
"The students loved the campaign, and felt that it made an important point. We witnessed great conversations start to happen in the hallways, with students doing research and calling each other out - we even ran a couple assemblies! We are happy to facilitate these meaningful conversations in our schools."
One of hundreds of unsolicited emails from administrators, teachers and nurses
School Nurse, FDA Anti-Vaping Program

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The Refuel Advantage

  • Refuel’s on-campus college marketing network features proprietary, permanent OOH units — including backlit, 4’x6’ Campus Source™ wall mounted info centers and floor standing, Ad-Rax™.
  • We own exclusive relationships and/or proprietary media networks at 80,000 youth venues (from elementary to college venues).
  • We have mastered high-impact campaigns with industry-leading return rates and minimal ad spend waste. 
  • Our annual in-house College and Teen Explorer™ research studies are considered the definitive reference text for the industry to effectively market to college and teen audiences, allowing us to stay ahead of breaking market trends.

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