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Media is a powerful way to inform, educate, and inspire. At Refuel, we believe in the importance of educating our hard-to-reach audiences about the most important social impact causes of our time.  

Our proprietary research combined with our omni-channel solutions—including digital, print, out-of-home, social media, and mobile—will place your cause marketing initiatives in front of your target audience for repeat exposure and inspired action. Let us help you make an impact.  

Our Audience Expertise + Omnichannel Solutions

Our unrivaled audience data and omnichannel solutions ensure that your purpose-driven messages reach + influence your key audiences. 

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cause marketing


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Modern Audiences Are Motivated by Causes

Refuel Agency Intelligence is the fastest way to get the most up-to-date information on a particular audience, market, or media platform. This exclusive data will be a cornerstone for the design of your purpose-driven media campaign, creating maximum impact with your key audience. 

  • 36% of college students are active members of groups supporting specific issues or causes 
  • 81% of college students are politically active 
  • 26% of college students volunteer for their community 
  • 81% of African American consumers express that they “desire equal opportunity for all” 
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“The students loves the campaign, and felt that it made an important point. We witnessed great conversations start to happen in the hallways, with students doing research and calling each other out—we even ran a couple assemblies! We are happy to facilitate these meaningful conversations in our school.”

School Nurse, FDA Anti-Vaping Program

(One of hundreds of unsolicited emails from administrators, teachers, and nurses)

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Our Omnichannel Solutions Drive Action​

Refuel’s high-touch, high-frequency media placements and omnichannel marketing solutions position your purpose driven message noticeably within the right media channel for your key audience. Create meaningful social change by placing your cause marketing initiatives exactly where they’re most relevant to your target audiences. Our precisely targeted campaigns and omni-channel solutions provide maximum exposure and repeat impressions—for results and inspired action.  

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