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We’re a data driven agency that has invested over $1M on research and data acquisition to help agencies and clients plan better and more effective advertising campaigns. We believe that our client’s campaign performance is the only thing that matters and that our data-driven expertise is essential in producing the best results, and with over 30 years of experience interacting with niche audiences, we know how to deliver.

We believe in better and more data = better campaign performance. Period.

Explorer Series™

For over 35 years, we have been leading the industry through proprietary research studies focused on military, teen, college, and multicultural consumers. The combination of a deep knowledge base and year-over year marketing data trends provide unique insights to audience behavior that only Refuel can offer. It’s what keeps our team ahead of the game, makes our strategies successful, and keeps our client campaigns performing at a consistently higher level than industry standard. 

Having the largest number of unique digital-first omnichannel solutions available, everything we do is set up to help agencies and clients boost their campaigns by offering both online and offline solutions to reach our distinct niche audiences.

Explorer SeriesTM per Market





Efficacy Studies

Our efficacy studies evaluate the impact of campaigns such as OOH, digital, and brand ambassador programs. By focusing from start to completion on data-driven strategies, we provide top-quality high performing campaigns. ROI metrics measured include brand awareness, ad recall, purchase intent/conversions, and opinions. We compare key findings to industry benchmarks to determine

24/7 All-Access

All of our campaigns are data-driven plus you have 24/7 access to all campaign data through the Refuel Agency Media Performance (RAMP™)

RAMP™ gives you cross-channel visibility into performance allowing our clients and agencies to view the campaign as a whole or drill down to specific results. Our marketing team create and regularly optimize campaign targeting strategies based on the continuing data stream and other exclusive insights.

Target Insights

As the largest Media + Marketing agency delivering niche audiences to agencies and clients, our research team have exclusive insights from producing billions of campaign impressions over more than three decades, with impressive results. By using quality data to create higher performing campaigns nationwide, we have the incredible ability to bring that success into every campaign; to effectively deliver scale and value across multiple platforms and devices for our clients.

Refuel Audience Data

100% Declared Data Aggregation from Over 15,000+  Partner Sources

Refuel works with an outsourced data processing team to implement a proprietary hygiene-maintenance process. All Refuel Data is 100% declared and performance tested before merged with its full data aggregation. Our data partnerships perform a double-opt-in process.

Data Acquisition Partners

Data Feed Partnerships

  • Health Insurance
  • Auto-Refinancing
  • Job Applications
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Product Warranty

General & Endemic Website Partnerships

  • Teen / Young Adult
  • Mobile App
  • Student Loan Website
  • Military Entertainment Websites
  • Military Social Media Platforms

Refuel your Campaign™