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We are Experts at Marketing to Teen and Gen Z Audiences

Gen Z is a new kind of consumer, pivoting away from millennial values and behaviors. We lead the industry in reaching this elusive group with over 30 years’ experience and direct access to 11,000+ schools and 80,000+ youth venues nationwide. With our unique digital first omni-channel approach, combined with exclusive proprietary data, everything we do is set up to help agencies and clients boost their advertising campaigns by offering both online and offline solutions to reach teen audiences.

Gen Z is Large

Youths ages 4 to 24 account for 61M people in the U.S. with $250B+ spending power and growing 

Gen Z is Influential

Entry-point consumers, influential brand decision-makers and early adopters 

Gen Z is Multicultural

More than 50% of the population under 18 identifies as multicultural and growing by over 2.3M very year

We are the Youth and Teen Audience Experts

The teen audience evolves often–engaging with different forms of media on various devices, making it challenging for advertisers to consistently and uniformly reach them, not to mention the regulations that restrict the extent to which advertisers can target audiences under age 18. As industry experts with the largest data knowledge and proprietary access, we keep our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing youth, teen, and Gen Z consumers. This is one of many reasons why our teen targeted campaigns are more successful and better across the board, promising consistent performance and higher return. 

We Deliver Omni-Channel Solutions to the Teen Market

Through our proprietary, omni-channel solutions, Refuel has the unique ability to create award-winning, high return campaigns targeted specifically for youth, teen and Gen Z consumers. We build and execute campaigns through multiple media outlets to place your advertising campaigns front and center of this hard-to-reach audience.

The Refuel Advantage

The Refuel Advantage

  • Our expertise spans all youth consumers; including multicultural teens, Gen Z and incoming college audiences. 
  • We own exclusive relationships and/or proprietary media networks at 80,000 youth venues (from elementary to college venues).
  • Our annual in-house research study is considered the definitive reference text for the industry to effectively market to teen audiences, allowing us to stay ahead of breaking market trends.
  • We have a knowledge database of tens of thousands of targeted campaigns noting success metrics around tactical mix and execution variables.

Proprietary Research on Teen Consumer Marketing Trends

We are the only Media + Marketing agency to have in-house research made up of 100% declared data. With these exclusive insights, we keep campaigns on the track to success by using current market and audience trends in our strategies. We believe in leveraging our proprietary data sources and teen audience expertise by sharing our annual Teen Explorer™ research publication to help agencies and clients plan better and more effective advertising campaigns.

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