In-School Brand Campaigns

Next fall is going to be a back-to-school like no other! Only Refuel can deliver your campaign to over 5 million high school students.

Don’t miss your chance to be seen by millions of teens excited to return to be back in school. Refuel offers the largest in-school media network, delivering over 317 million monthly impressions with reach to over 5 million students. We deliver:

  • High touch, high frequency message to 5,000+ high schools
  • Over 10,000 exclusive in-school media units
  • Promotional extensions such as flex postings and mirror clings, can even further increase reach to over 50% of all students
  • Industry-defining proprietary research on teens
  • Exclusive partnerships with schools and campus influencers including teachers and coaches
  • Over 30 years’ experience with major brands in every category

In-school media works! Three out 4 of students engage with in-school media they are 59% more likely to visit the product website.

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Our Teen Marketing Omnichannel Solutions

Targeted media and promotional tactics to reach and engage your consumers

In-School Media

Refuel Exclusive!
We offer 18,000+ displays, delivering
406 million+ impressions in 8,194 middle and high schools nationwide


Teens are 2x more likely than the general pop to take action after seeing a mobile ad. We offer precision targeting and measurable ROI.


Sampling is the 2nd-most attention-grabbing tactic among Gen Z teens (41%). Share products with teen consumers and influencers in school.


91% of teens watch videos and 63% take  consumer action after seeing video ads (37% more likely than the general pop)

Social Media

Over 66% of Gen Z take action after seeing ads on social media. Our full-service capabilities span paid media options.

In-School Promotions

In-school promotions targeting high school students encourages students to take action and engage with advertisers

About Refuel Agency

Refuel Agency is the leading media + marketing agency for reaching teen consumers (and their parents) and owns the largest in-school media network reaching millions of high-school and middle-school students.

We have over 30 years’ experience with major brands in every category, and exclusive partnerships with schools, teachers and coaches. Through decades of experience, proprietary research, and campaign data on teen marketing solutions, we know how to precisely target this entry-point, influential consumer.

We Deliver Teen Audiences to Brands

We’ve worked with almost half of all Fortune 500 companies as well as new media giants

We Deliver Teen Audiences to Agencies

We’ve worked with most of the top 100 ad agencies, as well as hundreds of boutique and specialty shops 

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