Marketing to Black Audiences

Black History Month and beyond

Black History Month is more than just a calendar designation; it is a profound acknowledgment of the rich tapestry of African American history, achievements, and contributions that have shaped the United States.

Download “A Marketer’s Guide to Black History Month Campaigns and Beyond” for a comprehensive exploration of marketing during Black History Month. From understanding the historical context to crafting effective and inclusive campaigns, each section is crafted to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for marketers.

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Targeted Solutions to Reach Multicultural Consumers

We’ve cultivated long-term relationships to guarantee effective campaigns with local and hyper-local penetration among local communities and diverse consumers. 


Unequaled comprehensive database of niche multicultural publications with the best pricing and turn-around in the industry


Increase brand awareness to diverse consumers with high-impact media in multicultural communities, including salons, daycares, c-stores, lunch trucks, bus shelters and subways


Hyper-targeted and local marketing solutions—one-stop shopping for multi-market (or a single market) local cable, broadcast and radio buys nationwide including Pandora and Spotify


Target multicultural audiences via social channels plus integrated print + digital solutions with proprietary database of over 1400+ Hispanic, Black, Asian and other multicultural publishers

The Refuel

Multicultural + Local Media Experts

  • Our in-house research is considered the definitive reference for the industry to effectively market to multicultural audiences, allowing us to stay ahead of breaking market trends.
  • Our multicultural audience experts use 1st party, cross-channel 1:1 targeting data to make the biggest impact for consistently high performing campaign strategies.
  • We have partnerships with over 1,000 multicultural publications and media networks to align your campaign message with powerful, relevant content.
  • Our award-winning local marketing capabilities guarantee out-of the-box, effective solutions that are guaranteed to perform well.

We Refuel Brands

We’ve worked with almost half of all Fortune 500 companies as well as new media giants.

We Refuel Agencies

We’ve worked with most of the top 100 ad agencies, as well as hundreds of boutique and specialty shops.

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