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We Deliver College Audiences

College students are an entry-point market with over $593 billion in spending power. For over 30 years, Refuel has built successful, custom campus marketing strategies and campaigns across 3,400+ colleges and universities. We offer maximum exposure and repeat impressions to students on and off campus, as well as their parents at home.

College omnichannel solutions connect your message with 21 million entry-point college consumers. Learn why top brands and agencies choose us to reach the college audience.

College Students Have Spending Power

Accounting for over 21 million
U.S. consumers with
$593 billion to spend* 

College Students Are Impressionable

Entry point consumers making
many brand decisions
on their own for the first time

College Students Are Digital Natives

Consuming content on
an average of 7 devices
and over 52 hours per week* 

Targeted media tactics to reach and engage college consumers

Our digital-first omnichannel approach offers the unique ability to create award-winning, high-return college marketing campaigns.  


Refuel Exclusive!
Proprietary OOH delivering 1B+ impressions/mo, reaching 50% of college audience.


We are the leading
college marketing company for brand ambassador programs on college campuses.

college marketing


Retargeting + Social

Reach college students and their families through email retargeting + social profile matching


Dorm + Fitness

Sampling is the 2nd most attention-grabbing tactic among Gen Z, and is an entry-point for new consumers.


Proprietary short-form, episodic social media storytelling that drives results and engages college students.

college marketing


In-school promotions encourage students
to take action
and engage with advertisers. 

We Deliver College Audiences to Brands

We’ve worked with almost half of all Fortune 500 companies as well as new media giants

We Deliver College Audiences to Agencies

We’ve worked with most of the top 100 ad agencies, as well as hundreds of boutique and specialty shops 

A Few of Our College Success Stories

Learn why top brands and agencies have relied on us for over 30 years to create award-winning, high-return campaigns.

The Refuel Advantage

The Refuel Advantage

Leverage Proprietary Research on Young Adult Marketing Trends

Our in-house research, made up of 100% declared data, is the foundation of our college advertising campaigns and an asset that sets us apart. Our annual College Explorer Series ™ research publication provides a winning strategy for consistent growth and return for college advertising campaigns.  

We believe that campaign performance is the only thing that matters. Our data-drive expertise is essential in producing the best results, and with 30 years of experience – we know how to deliver this audience. 

  • Proprietary Research
  • Performance Data
  • Insights
  • Efficacy Studies

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