Delivering Military Marketing

Digital + Social Media

Digital + Social Media

Our experienced team of media buyers will curate your custom audience based on your brand’s strategic goals and manage your military digital and social media marketing campaign from start to finish.

Total Military Data

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Email Addresses


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Active Duty, Reserve/Guard, Military Families, Veterans, Retirees


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Monthly Impressions


RAMP™ report showing all metrics and optimization.

Media Types

• Programmatic Display
• Video/OTT
• Native Ads
• Mobile Device Monitoring
• Mobile Geo-Fencing
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Streaming Media
• Website Publisher Direct
• Military Online Communities
• E-Newsletters
• Email Marketing


Social media capabilities

Social media ads garner the most attention from viewers. Over 93% of Active Duty Military members currently use social media, and our dedicated social 1:1 solutions team will ensure you reach this audience segment with precision. We match social profiles to our email database, seamlessly blending your messaging strategy across social, email, and programmatic media.

  • Half of Active Duty Military members report paying attention to social media ads
  • 75% report taking further action after seeing social media ads

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