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Omnichannel Solutions

Digital, Mobile, OOH, Print, Experiential, & Social

We Deliver Award-Winning Marketing Solutions to Target Audiences

Refuel is the largest provider of Media + Marketing services for military, teen, college and multicultural audiences for a reason. For over 30 years, we have successfully delivered award-winning, data-driven campaigns based on in-house research and an extensive media network.  

With our unique omnichannel approach, we help agencies and brands boost their advertising campaigns through both online and offline solutions to reach our distinct target audiences. Find out why nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have used us to refuel their campaigns. 

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We offer unique, targeted solutions for each of our target audiences


Reach military, teen, college and multicultural consumers with 360⁰ digital omnichannel precision via our proprietary aggregation of first party data solutions. We implement a data science approach, combined with ‘Real-Time Analytics Media Performance” dashboard (RAMP™) to enable full transparency into the tactical contributions and overall holistic performance against predetermined benchmarks. All campaigns are custom designed by our in-house digital strategists and implemented by a team of tactical media buying experts to help agencies and clients plan better and more effective advertising campaigns. 

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360° Data-Driven Solutions

Leverage over 170 Million email addresses from our proprietary aggregation of declared data sources to deliver your brand message directly to the inbox of your targeted audience.

We have pre-onboarded all email and postal data to match to digital cookies managed within our in-house Data Management Platform (DMP) to build custom audiences we can deliver programmatically with precision.

  • Lotame DMP
  • Google DV 360
  • The Trade Desk (TTD)

Refuel has established both Programmatic and Private Marketplace (PMP) relationships with the top streaming media platforms, enabling us create upper funnel awareness through in-house audiences data.

  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • OTT
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Google Music
  • Amazon Music

Capitalize on our precision targeting and upper funnel awareness to capture intent, driving engagement and lead generation via lower funnel search marketing. Refuel’s dedicated SEM specialists design your keyword strategy, landing page development, campaign execution and optimization.

Be found online with strategically developed content creation that is syndicated and seeded to increase your website domain authority and organic site traffic.

Leverage our exclusive and direct relationships with online publishers endemic to the audiences we serve. Create custom content and high-impact digital campaigns that are content aligned and audience targeted to stand out against the competition.

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Reach elusive target audiences with our exclusive partner-drive device ID mapping capabilities. Real-time monitoring of ~100 million mobile devices in locations specific to our core markets. This allows us to reach your target audiences on their phones at any time.  

Reach Target Consumers on Their Phones

36,000 High Schools
3,500 Colleges/Universities

280 domestic military bases
42,000 Federal Government buildings

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Refuel owns the largest selection of proprietary out-of-home solutions for niche audiences. Our team of campaign experts will share your message through prominent displays integrated seamlessly among high schools, colleges, on base installations and other high-traffic areas targeted to select niche audiences.

High Impact Displays in Well-Traveled Areas

Non-Traditional Media
Digital Displays

Product Displays
Vehicle/Window/Wall Wraps

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student ambassadors


Using an exclusive database to hand select, vet and certify effective brand ambassadors nationally, our sampling network gives your brand a voice on the ground through mass sampling, event integrations and other guerrilla marketing strategies.

Peer-to-Peer Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Sponsored Activities

Awareness Campaigns
Guerilla Marketing

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Print & Traditional Media

Our niche audience marketing experts provide a single source solution for your media integration strategy. Newspapers are the most trusted media among all demographics. By aligning your brand with powerful and relevant content, we guarantee your campaign will make deep and meaningful connections with targeted readers, driving high return. We have relationships with over 8,500 publications, from hyper-targeted, localized through international networks.

Print Media Tactics

ROP ads
Pre-printed inserts (FSI)
Specialty ads

Advertorials, etc.
Premium Positions

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print marketing

Social Media Marketing

All social media profiles are created with email address that we have matched back to our master database allowing us to deliver your brand in-feed to the same people receiving the emails and/or the display advertising.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

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The Refuel Advantage

#1 Proprietary niche audience data aggregation in the industry

Performance driven results that consistently beat industry averages through precision targeting

360-degree channel agnostic, multi-platform solution deploys your message through multiple touchpoints

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard (RAMP™) and campaign optimization for reporting, analysis and attribution

Refuel your Campaign™