Teen Gen Z Explorer Series

The Gen Z Explorer Series™ takes a closer look at this unique generation’s worldview, lifestyle, and habits – and is a must-have resource for successful teen marketing campaigns. Our extensive Gen Z market research report includes:  

A winning marketing strategy starts with the best market research

For over 30 years, Refuel Agency has specialized in driving brand ROI in the vital teen consumer audience. Our peerless research, strategic vision, and effective media and promotions are what keep our team ahead of the game, makes our strategies successful, and keep our clients’ campaign performance strong. 

About Our Gen Z Explorer Series™

The Gen Z Explorer Series™ is a large-scale, teen-focused study that examines their media usage, digital media consumption, advertising perception, shopping patterns, and educational plans. 

Using Qualtrics, the most trust enterprise research platform in the world, we gathered data from thousands of teens to elicit the valuable and up-to-date teen insights and youth marketing trends. 

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