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One tried and true marketing tactic to influence and win over the military audience is one that might surprise you—print marketing. Military print marketing is able to target members of the military audience in a targeted, effective way and your brand can leverage this powerful marketing tactic to influence this consumer segment.

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Military Newspaper and Magazines


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Military National Newsprint and Magazines

Printed weekly, monthly, or annually, these military print
publications target anyone from active duty to veterans
to spouses. There are 60 national publications with a
total circulation of 7 million, garnering over 21 million

Military Base Magazines (MWR/FSS/MCCS)

These publications highlight events and activities that
are taking place on-base. Whether it be seasonal
events, community calendars, recreational life, etc.
these magazines are the go-to information source.
There are 50 base magazines totaling to a circulation
over 500k, with over 1.5 million impressions.

Military Base Newspapers

Annual guides contain critical information for base visitors, employees, and service members. Base maps are also typically included in these guides and are distributed
in welcome packets for newcomers. There are 25 publications with a total circulation of 400k, garnering
over 1.2 million impressions.

Military Annual and Regional guides

The official and unofficial news sources on-base and surrounding areas that are distributed to military and
civilian personnel. Content is primarily focused on local news, events, people and more. There are 100 base publications with a total circulation of over 1.4 million, garnering 3.5 million impressions.


Media Types

• ROP ads
• Pre-printed inserts (FSI)
• Specialty Ads
• Post-its
• Cover-wraps
• Spreads
• Advertorials, etc.
• Premium Position

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