With the purchasing power of over $260 Billion Dollars, college students possess an enormous portion of discretionary spending throughout the U.S. Looking to engage and convert these entry point consumers has become an increasingly difficult and imperative marketing goal for brands. Because of college students well-known affinity for and time spent on social media, many marketers have shifted their focus to inundate the online sphere with multimedia and retargeted ads.

The annual College Explorer Series™ research study by Refuel Agency has uncovered that contrary to popular misconception, these digital natives still complete most of their purchasing in brick and mortar stores. So, while social and mobile advertising is still a leading revenue source, research shows that out of home marketing is also extremely effective in capturing the attention and buying power of this crucial demographic.

As the first true digital natives, Gen Z and college students are changing the face of marketing as we know it.

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Gen Z Wields an Immense Amount of Purchasing Power

Digital natives are influential spenders in several major categories with over $260 Billion dollars in annual spend. While more than half comes directly from their parent’s wallets, the decision-making lies within the Gen Z purchaser.

Gen Z Still Shops in Brick and Mortar Stores

While Gen Z spends far more time in the online space than any generation before it, the majority of those polled cite shopping frequently in brick and mortar stores.

Out of Home Media is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Contrary to popular assumption, most students report shopping in brick and mortar stores frequently.

Students Actively Engage with Varied Media

According to this years’ College Explorer Series™ by Refuel Agency, out of home media is still a major player in marketing strategies, driving purchases among Gen Z and college students.

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