As Hispanic marketing agencies know, the U.S. Hispanic consumer audience is a fast growing and thriving pulse of American culture, boasting 66 million consumers with over $2 trillion in buying power. There’s no denying the sheer scope of this consumer audience, and Hispanic marketing agencies are skilled at crafting creative that will truly resonate. 

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But despite the creative genius, the challenge still often remains: How can agencies actually reach the Hispanic audience in the U.S.? The digital media landscape is both over-saturated and ever-evolving, making it harder than ever to reach and influence your target audience. 

That’s where we come in. As media buyers with over 30 years of experience advertising to Hispanic audiences, we act as the fluid arm to Hispanic marketing agency’s creative genius by delivering messages to audiences where and when they’ll make the most impact. Here’s how. 

Hispanic marketing has changed – even over the past few years

In a rapidly evolving world, marketers (and especially marketers focused on multicultural marketing) need to stay dynamic. The way consumers interact with and perceive media is always changing, and the key to driving successful multicultural marketing campaigns in the long-term is to change along with your target audience. 

As a multicultural marketing agency, that’s exactly why we conduct extensive Hispanic market research. We believe that our research is truly foundational to the success of our strategies and our clients. And in our most recent Hispanic Explorer Series™, we noticed a few key changes in Hispanic marketing brands should take note of going into this next year. 

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Media buyers have the reach for your Hispanic marketing agency

At Refuel Agency, we’ve cultivated long-term relationships to guarantee effective campaigns with local and hyper-local penetration among local communities and multicultural consumers. We have partnerships with over 1,000 multicultural publications and media networks to align your campaign message with powerful, relevant content. 

This means that the reach we can charge your campaigns with is unrivaled. And one thing that we know about Hispanic marketing is that the key to success is agility and targeting. Our research found Hispanic shopping habits are different from the general market. For instance, according to Refuel’s Hispanic Explorer Series 2021™, Hispanic consumers are 30% more likely to visit local grocery stores than the general population and twice as likely to visit local convenience stores. Over half of Hispanic consumers speak Spanish at home, and 56% are more likely to pay more attention to an ad that reflects their culture.

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Media buyers have the research

At Refuel Agency, we believe that research is critical to our success. It’s why we invest in ongoing research on the audiences we advertise to – including Hispanic audiences. Our in-house research (made up of 100% declared data) is considered the definitive reference for the industry to effectively market to multicultural audiences, allowing us to stay ahead of breaking market trends. 

Our annual Hispanic Explorer Series research publication provides a winning strategy for consistent growth and return for multicultural advertising campaigns.

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Media buyers have the experience

We’ve driven impressive campaign results in multicultural markets for many of America’s leading brands. It’s our specialty, and we take pride in the results that we’re able to drive in collaboration with creative agencies and brands. We’ve worked with clients like P&G, Uber, Venmo, and Verizon, as well as agencies including Haas, Publicis Group, Omnicom Group, and WPP. 

As media buyers, we have the years of experience that allow us to make strategic campaign decisions and drive results. 

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At Refuel Agency, a Hispanic marketing agency partner, we believe that campaign performance is the only thing that matters. Our data-driven expertise is essential in producing the best results, and with three decades of experience – we know how to deliver this audience. Are you ready to super-charge your Hispanic advertising campaigns? Contact us today to learn how we can work together to create a record-breaking campaign.

David Mesas

As VP, Growth and Strategy at Refuel Agency, David Mesas works with agencies and brands across many industries providing media and marketing services to reach military, multicultural, and youth audiences throughout the U.S. David and his team provide brands with a 360-degree sphere of influence and engagement with these highly coveted consumer audiences. David invests in personal & professional development and enjoys coaching/mentoring others to reach their goals, while realizing their true potential. He's passionate about long distance running and high endurance sports.