Wish lists and discounts and impulse buys, oh my! The Hispanic consumer has buying habits all their own, and they’re quickly redefining marketing strategies among retailers big and small.

But what separates this growing community of consumers from their counterparts, and what does that mean for retailers heading into the critical holiday season?

Refuel, a specialist in Hispanic advertising, reveals new insights into how Hispanics are approaching shopping differently at all steps along the path to purchase — according to its 2017 Hispanic Explorer research study.

Findings from the Hispanic Holiday Shopper

  • Hispanics are slightly more likely to spend offline in popular consumer categories like Clothing (56% offline vs. 44% online) and Computer/Electronics (52% offline vs. 48% online). In fact, retail stores are visited once a week or more — that’s almost as frequently as they visit grocery stores!
  • Hispanic media and digital platforms are the most trusted and often used channels. Simply put, it’s the place to be to get on their radar, with 74% indicating Hispanic media is their preferred news source — from broadcast to newspaper to news apps. It comes as no surprise, then, that 79% indicate they trust Hispanic media.
  • TV, email and social media ads are effective at leading Hispanic consumers down the path to purchase. After seeing a TV ad, 36% indicate they researched the product, and 30% went on to buy it. For email, 35% researched and 30% bought; and social, 43% researched and 24% bought.
  • The largest influencers on what Hispanics buy are Friends & Family (53%), TV commercials (39%), Samples/Coupons (35%), Newspaper ads (25%), Email advertising (24%), Online ads (24%), and Social media ads (20%).

Wondering how you can get on the radar of the next big buying group? Refuel reaches millions of multicultural consumers every day — contact us to find out how our proprietary networks and national sales relationships with multicultural publishers offer our clients unmatched pricing efficiencies on most print, digital and social media campaigns.