A growing number of Hispanics in the United States means a growing number of Hispanics looking for work. In fact, two in five plan to find jobs in the near future. Which jobs do they favor, and how do they plan to find them?

Refuel Agency, a leader and specialist in Hispanic targeted marketing, interviewed close to 2,000 Hispanics (English and Spanish speakers) to find out. Here are some key job search findings from its latest research study on this powerful consumer group. There are a number of significant differences/insights on how you should engage this audience compared to tactics used for general market or other niche consumer segments.

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Preferred Career Sectors

When asked which organizations they’d prefer to work for, almost half favor the business sector: Fortune 500 (19%), self-employed (16%), or small business (14%). Next in popularity is healthcare (13%), followed by federal government (9%), local government (7%) and non-profit (6%). Some 17% of job seekers aren’t sure who they’d like to work for.

Compared to English speaking respondents, Spanish speakers are 58% more likely to prefer to work in small business or start their own business.

Important Factors

Hispanics are more interested in salary than a harmonious workplace and flexible hours: 70% rank compensation as the most important factor when looking for a job. Work-life balance is also highly valued (57%), followed by career growth opportunity (56%), long-term job stability (56%), work environment (55%), health/life insurance (54%) and paid holiday/vacation (51%). Factors viewed as less important include flexible schedule (44%), retirement/pension (43%) and company values (33%).

When singling out Spanish speaking respondents, career growth ranks as the #2 most important factor (71% of votes).

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Job Search Methods

By far the most popular job search method, more than 3 in 4 Hispanic Americans (76%) rely on job search sites. Referrals are the next most common inroad (52%), followed by job/career fair (30%), newspaper classifieds (29%) and temporary/staffing agencies (23%).

Hispanics are 2.5X more likely to use newspapers in their job search compared to the general population.

Most Popular Career Websites

Nearly half (49%) of Hispanics say they use Indeed when they’re in the market for a new gig. LinkedIn is a close second (44%), followed by Monster (34%), CareerBuilder (30%), Craigslist (25%), Glassdoor (17%) and ZipRecruiter (10%).

Career Decision Influence

In a digital age, word of mouth still holds weight when it comes to the Hispanic’s job search: 58% say friends and family influence their decision. Social media is another top influencer (33%), followed by online ads (30%), email advertising (30%), events and displays (23%), print advertising (22%), direct mail (20%) and TV commercials (20%). Rounding out the list with 14% of votes each, are billboards/OOH ads, radio ads, and mobile ads.

Compared to English speaking respondents, Spanish speakers are 2.2X more likely to be influenced by newspaper ads.

Job Search Confidence

When asked how confident they are in finding a job under the current administration, 40 percent say they are still confident in finding jobs — that is, either “a lot more,” “slightly more,” or “same” compared to the previous administration.

What This Means for Marketers

Hispanics are hard-working entrepreneurs who use job sites in search of a competitive salary and favorable work-life balance. Refuel’s consumer research study sheds light on more than just their job search habits — it reveals insights on their digital usage, shopping patterns, political views and more.

To find out how you can make more informed decisions when it comes to this valuable, under-tapped market, download the full report and contact us to learn more about our proprietary Hispanic consumer database and exclusive Hispanic publisher access — all part of our niche multicultural marketing solutions for advertisers.  Utilize our relationships and strategic alliances to drive your brand into Hispanic communities on a national, regional, local or hyper-local level.