Those who know Refuel are familiar with our 30-year history influencing niche audiences with innovative media and marketing tactics. We’ve invested in the best quality proprietary research to understand what makes our audiences’ minds tick, and how we can place brands front-and-center in their lives. So we understand better than anyone that higher education recruiters are faced with an entirely different education marketing landscape than they’ve encountered in years past.

Reaching Gen Z prospective students and busy adult learners in 2020 requires a shift from traditional marketing tactics to innovative solutions and integrated marketing techniques. Given our unique media and marketing expertise, we launched our sister agency, Thinking Cap Agency in 2019 to enable college recruiters to adapt to a changing education marketing landscape and generate high-quality student inquiries.

Reaching Busy, Career-Focused Adult Learners

The number of adult learners enrolling in higher education is on the rise — up 38% since 2000. And by definition, adult learners are busy. The average age of an adult returning to higher education is 35, and their families and busy careers mean that they have laser-focused criteria when it comes to what they’re looking for from higher education.

At Thinking Cap Agency, we’re experts at identifying your future students, cutting through the noise with innovative media strategies, and influencing these adult learners’ decisions. From graduate school prospective students to professional certification prospective students to online learners — our education marketing and media solutions will reach them.

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Adapting Your Education Marketing to Gen Z Undergrad Student Prospects

Most colleges and universities haven’t shifted their education marketing strategies to meet the demands of a new generation. As digital and mobile natives, Gen Z prospective students have a different optimal student journey than the students that came before them.

According to the 2019 Refuel Agency Gen Z Study

“Gen Z teens are coming of age and our world will soon be reshaped in their image. Our economy, our culture and even our media will be forever transformed. It is important for marketers and advertisers to keep up with the trends by understanding the mindset and preferences of this coveted audience.” 

Thinking Cap leverages its deep understanding of Gen Z’s values, media consumption habits, lifestyles, and preferences to build a recruitment plan that drives results.

Thinking Cap Agency Uses Powerful Data Combined with Omnichannel Marketing Integration

Thinking Cap boasts an extensive body of research, data, and analytics tools — believing that knowledge is power when it comes to your enrollment strategy. We’re able to understand your students at a deep level, and to target them with our proprietary Data CenterTM — millions of mobile device IDs, email identities, postal addresses, and more.

And at Thinking Cap — like at Refuel — we know that a successful education marketing strategy isn’t about any one tool or tactic. True effectiveness is driven by using omnichannel integration to power your enrollment management. That’s why we implement a thorough analysis of your current enrollment journey and use our omnichannel media tactics to ensure maximum student impressions.

We combine tried-and-true methods of the past with emerging and disruptive approaches. Thinking Cap’s team of experts strategically leverages targeted student personas and storytelling with analytics and data. The result? A long-term, integrated road map to bring clients measurable results. 

We Give You: Thinking Cap Agency

Acting as an extension of your in-house marketing and recruitment team, Thinking Cap Agency uses proprietary data, digital marketing, and innovative solutions to influence enrollment outcomes. 

We’re excited to leverage our media and marketing expertise to bring you Thinking Cap Agency — your education marketing and recruiting partner. 

Timothy Gerstmyer

Tim has a 20 year track record of conceiving and implementing innovative digital and multi-platform strategies. At Refuel Agency, he is responsible for developing digital solutions that dynamically and effectively target audiences and achieve substantial ROI for our clients. Tim is a dedicated father of three, loves the Jersey shore and donates the remainder of his spare time volunteering in support of the Schrader Autism Foundation as their Digital Marketing Advisor.