The U.S. Hispanic consumer audience is a fast growing and thriving pulse of American culture, boasting 66 million consumers with over $2 trillion in buying power (according to Claritas). But despite this consumer segment’s size and influence, this audience is often underserved by marketers that fail to create Hispanic marketing campaigns that truly resonate—or fail to specifically target this audience at all.

It’s one thing to understand how to reach and influence Hispanic consumers – and another to actually nail campaigns. Here are three examples of Hispanic marketing campaigns that hit the mark.  

1. Target – #SinTraducción

Our first example of a stand-out Hispanic marketing campaign is from Target. The campaign, which celebrated good times with friends and family, used the slogan, “without translation”. The slogan referred to all the Spanish words that simply can’t be translated into English, and used the example of “sobremesa” (which roughly translates to spending additional time with friends and family around the table after a meal). 

The campaign resonated with the Latino community, as it successfully struck a familiar and understanding tone. As a result, the hashtag encouraged Latino consumers to share more untranslatable words over the course of the campaign. 

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2. AT&T – Mobile Movement / Vive Sin Compromisos

In a winning partnership with Virtue (Vice Media’s in-house marketing agency) AT&T created a campaign directly targeting Hispanic millennials. The Mobile Movement campaign highlighted the stories of young American AT&T users – real users, not scripted actors. 

And where this campaign stood was through its market-specific Hispanic TV ads, online documentaries, and out-of-home media in key competitive areas. For example, this ad, “Vive Sin Compromisos”, highlights real Hispanic AT&T users showcasing their personalities and expressing how important it is that they get to be themselves. “Contracts suck,” says one millennial – at which point the ad highlights that with AT&T, there are no annual contracts. “That’s pretty liberating,” another millennial chimes in. 

This ad campaign was effective due to authentic stories told by real Hispanic users – and due to hyper-targeted out-of-home media placements that influenced exactly the right audience.

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3. McDonald’s – Me Encanta

If there’s one brand that understands the importance of marketing to the Hispanic community, it’s McDonald’s – boasting a Hispanic marketing budget in the national top 5 with over 360 marketing initiatives per year. 

In fact, McDonald’s was one of the first American companies to cultivate and launch culturally targeted campaigns for minorities in the United States – and they’ve led on the inclusion front, involving Latino advertisers and store operators in every phase of the creative process. 

In this campaign, “Me Encanta”, McDonald’s translates their famous slogan, “I’m Loving It”, to fit the Hispanic market they’re trying to reach with this fast-paced, fun-loving Spanish version of the song. 

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How to reach Hispanic audiences

Are you looking to reach Hispanic audiences? Luckily, with 30 years of experience and proprietary research under our belts, we can help. Here are a few tips for marketing to Hispanic audiences – and driving results: 

  • Integrate Spanish into your campaigns. Use Spanish words, phrases, or quotes to appeal to an audience that speaks Spanish and English fluently. But not so fast – it’s not as easy as plugging in any Spanish phrase. Involve Spanish-speakers and members of the Hispanic community to make sure that your additions not only translate well, but add to your campaign overall. 

  • If you’re using Spanish, use it at every touchpoint. If you do choose to incorporate Spanish into your campaigns, you need to make sure it’s consistent. Your campaign will fall flat if your out-of-home media is in Spanish, but your landing pages are in English. The same goes for a phone number associated with a campaign – if you’re going to advertise a phone number in Spanish, there needs to be fluent Spanish-speakers on the other line to get results. 

  • Hyper-target your audience with localized media. At Refuel Agency, our proprietary media networks and exclusive publisher relationships offer you the ability to hyper-target your target audience with localized print and out-of-home media in high-traffic areas. Weaving your campaign into these high-traffic areas of Hispanic consumers’ lives increases trust in your brand and brand exposure in strategic, targeted locations.

  • Targeted, consistent advertising is key. Coming into a community for a short campaign won’t build the trust required for loyal customers and a positive brand reputation. 

Are you ready to get your Hispanic social media advertising campaigns off the ground? At Refuel Agency, we’ve been crafting strategic Hispanic advertising campaigns for many of America’s leading brands, and we’re invested in ensuring your campaigns make an impact. Contact us today to get started.

David Mesas

As VP, Growth and Strategy at Refuel Agency, David Mesas works with agencies and brands across many industries providing media and marketing services to reach military, multicultural, and youth audiences throughout the U.S. David and his team provide brands with a 360-degree sphere of influence and engagement with these highly coveted consumer audiences. David invests in personal & professional development and enjoys coaching/mentoring others to reach their goals, while realizing their true potential. He's passionate about long distance running and high endurance sports.