gdusa award 2014

Refuel Agency is honored to receive the GDUSA Award 2014, or an American In-House Design Award from Graphic Design USA. Graphic Design USA granted us this award for the products we used to promote our recently launched newspaper information and research site,

About Graphic Design USA

For five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored competitions showcasing areas of excellence and opportunity for creative endeavors. GDUSA covers news, people, projects, trends, products, technology, and services. Also, they dedicate themselves to the annual recognition of leading Designers to Watch and promising Students to Watch.

The American In-House Design Awards celebrates the ingenuity and dedication to thoughtful design that brings value to businesses and institutions. The GDUSA Award 2014 highlights outstanding design and high-value work.

About Refuel Agency – Winner of GDUSA Award 2014

With 30 years in advertising agency success, Refuel Agency is now the largest provider of niche media and marketing services. We help advertising agencies and clients boost their campaigns by offering both online and offline solutions. Now, reach distinct niche audiences including military personnel, teens, college students and multicultural markets.

Refuel combines proprietary consumer research with our media platforms to provide results. We deliver the largest number of advertising and media options to agencies and clients. Between our digital, mobile, social, video, experiential, out-of-home, TV, and print media solutions, you can effectively reach and influence our niche audiences.

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