eMarketer Reaches Out to Refuel for Teen Consumer Digital Data

Refuel’s Tim Gerstmeyer Contributes to “The Digital Life of US Teens”

In eMarketer’s latest report, “Digital Life of US Teens: Teens Text, Snap, Game and View Video, and Their Favorite Device is a Smartphone,” Refuel’s own Tim Gerstmyer, Chief Digital & Development Officer, takes center stage.

The report dives into US teens’ digital activity, smartphone usage, social media networking, digital video, attitudes toward advertising, video gaming (think Fortnite), cyberbullying and more.

The article discusses, in length, the issues revolving around the “intensification” of teens’ social usage, as smartphone ownership among this demographic age group continues to rise.  eMarketer also touches upon the issue of privacy as it relates to the social media usage craze among teens.  It is here that Gerstmyer first weighs in:

“They are so savvy, but they are still kids.  While teens highly value digital privacy, it still does not hinder their propensity to use social media and their willingness to post something publicly.”

A major section of the report is devoted to how teens feel about digital advertising. As eMarketer points out, with the number of hours teens devote to social networking and their smartphones, one might expect teens to find these ads “intrusive.”  But Gerstmyer suggests it’s the message that matters most.

“The intrusiveness of a brand is solely determined by the value exchange offered and the authenticity of its intent.”

According to eMarketer, “social media has been proving itself as a congenial space for marketers to connect with teens.”

“It is evident that brands are becoming savvier in this space, as we find that social media is a primary conversion platform for our brand campaigns,” Gerstmyer of Refuel said.

Given today’s data privacy changes with Facebook, precision targeting to niche markets requires more insight and strategy than ever. Refuel’s first party data and ability to implement ‘custom audiences’ sets it apart as a premium social media brand partner.

To read the full report, please contact eMarketer.  To learn more about how Refuel can help fuel your teen advertising efforts, whether through our digital and social marketing capabilities, direct marketing expertise, or our unparalleled access in over 11,000 elementary, middle and high schools, click here.