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Refuel Introduces Incoming Freshman to P&G Products

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P&G sought to capture incoming college freshmen as entry point consumers to establish brand recognition and earn brand loyalty from this specific demographic as they are making their own personal brand decisions for the first time.

Our research revealed that nearly a quarter of all college students cite their friends and classmates as being a major influencer in purchase decisions. Using these learnings from our proprietary Gen Z Explorer Series™ and College Explorer Series™, Refuel crafted a successful experiential campaign with guerilla marketing tactics.

As an industry leader in sampling and experiential marketing, our undergrad marketing experts designed and deployed a campaign successfully distributing both male and female sampling kits to over 1 million students across 732 campuses nationally.

By using our established college dorm marketing network, Refuel’s expert undergrad marketers were able to distribute gender specific branded sampling kits and laundry bags to incoming freshmen across the nation. By having these kits handed out by dorm RA’s (student Resident Advisors), these sample kits made it directly into the hands of entry point consumers during their first week on campus; creating brand awareness and sparking brand loyalty in an organic, student centric way.

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