There’s one thing we know to be true: achieving campaign results with your target audience simply won’t happen with a mass-market strategy. If your brand or agency is focusing on multicultural marketing in 2023… we’re here to help you.

Targeting is key. Getting your strategic message in front of your audience in a way that will make an impact is crucial to the success of your campaign. 

But that is easier said than done. With the sheer number of marketing channels and strategies at our fingertips, the question often is: Exactly how do I reach the multicultural audience?

The answer? Out-of-home advertising. And we’ll explain why. 

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The home advantage: why trust is key

What do you trust more: a recommendation coming from a friend, or one coming from a stranger. A friend, naturally. 

The same principle applies to advertising. Advertising messages have proven to be more influential when placed in familiar territory, such as in neighborhoods, at frequented bus stops, or at points along daily routines. 

To reach the multicultural audience in the US, you need to go local and you need to think micro. Out-of-home media placed correctly garners both attention and trust simply by its placement. That’s crucial. 

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We’re speaking the same language

When it comes to multicultural marketing, context, culture, and language are everything. Communication is highly subjective and open to interpretation, and misunderstandings can happen easily (just take a look at any one of these cross-cultural communication fails). 

That’s where out-of-home media solves problems for you. Through hyper-targeted strategies, your team is able to craft highly-specific messages that appeal to your target demographic.

For example, placing Spanish-only out-of-home placements in a highly-populated Spanish-speaking neighborhood will ensure your message reaches your target audience effectively. 

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Hyper-targeting made simple

There are millions of out-of-home media placements across the US – but luckily? We’re the experts on which placements will work for your brand and your specific campaign. 

We deliver results by utilizing proprietary and partnership multicultural out-of-home marketing networks – and that means working with us is effective and easy. We do the heavy lifting for you. 

Ready to focus on multicultural marketing in 2023 and develop a strategy that stands out from the rest? Contact our team to get started. 

David Mesas

As VP, Growth and Strategy at Refuel Agency, David Mesas works with agencies and brands across many industries providing media and marketing services to reach military, multicultural, and youth audiences throughout the U.S. David and his team provide brands with a 360-degree sphere of influence and engagement with these highly coveted consumer audiences. David invests in personal & professional development and enjoys coaching/mentoring others to reach their goals, while realizing their true potential. He's passionate about long distance running and high endurance sports.