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Case Study – Trojan


Refuel Gets the Message Clear on Consent for College Students


Trojan Brand Condoms


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Trojan Brand Condoms sought to create awareness around healthy sexual relationships and to sign a pledge committing to acquiring consent.

Key Results

Across 24 college campuses, more than two-thirds of students who saw the ad were likely to tell a friend about the campaign. 86% of students who viewed the media stated that they believed it would cause students to change their behavior.


Refuel’s exclusive Explorer series revealed that more than two-thirds of college students look at on-campus out-of-home advertising, and half of all students who viewed strategically placed ads researched the product further.

About Client

Trojan is the brand name for condoms manufactured by Church & Dwight Company and represents more than 70% of condoms purchased in drugstores across the United States.

Omni-Channel Solutions

Our college and undergraduate marketing teams have an extensive network of on campus out-of-home assets nationwide, allowing Refuel to create a far-reaching campaign. With strategically placed advertisements and audience-specific call-to-actions, Refuel created a positive influence driving students to spread the message through social media posts, hashtags, and site visits.

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