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Refuel Gets Loud About College Student Incentives with Spotify




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The Challenge

Spotify sought to launch a national campaign creating awareness and buzz around their new student discount for their Premium streaming services.

The Solution

Using our extensive knowledge around undergrads, Gen Z, and millennial consumers, Refuel knew more than three-quarters of students looking at out-of-home media on campus and nearly half engage with on campus brand ambassadors. This knowledge was how we were able to create an engaging 360° campaign to create brand awareness using traditional and guerilla marketing techniques.

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The Results

During this awareness campaign, Refuel was able to utilize established partnerships with brand ambassadors and out-of-home marketing tactics to reach 1 million students and achieve 11 million impressions. Of these students, more than half stated they would use the streaming service and more than two-thirds planned to tell a friend about the promotion.

Using our owned campus media network, strategic placements, and our proprietary vast network of student brand ambassadors, Refuel was able to reach 27 campuses in 16 markets with high quality campaigns. Our team was able to engage with the student population to use guerilla marketing, out-of-home media, and influencer marketing strategies to create a successful campaign across campuses.

About Client

Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services available internationally. Their streaming service provides music, podcasts, and other content from artists around the world.

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