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The Challenge

A proud supporter of the military, T-Mobile reached out to Refuel for strategy, planning, and execution assistance with a national OOH campaign spanning over 67 bases nationwide. This campaign would promote a 50% off family line discount for military servicemembers and dependents. 

The Solution

We utilized the insights and data from our Military Explorer Series, which found that an overwhelming majority of military audiences took an action after seeing an OOH advertisement on-base, and that half of military audiences purchased a product after seeing a newspaper ad. 

Our marketing experts designed a campaign around running full page ads in general market publications that boasted high circulation in 17 markets across several states throughout the southern US. 

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The Results

T-Mobile’s unique military discount offers were delivered to over 1.7 million military servicemembers and their spouses in military communities. Key bases were strategically chosen to align with T-Mobile’s KPIs. Highly trafficked areas like fitness centers, bowling alleys, and outdoor adventure centers were targeted to ensure maximum exposure. Over 57 million on-base OOH impressions were achieved over the course of the three-month campaign. 

And using our extensive, longstanding relationships with major market newspaper publications, Refuel Agency deployed a campaign which successfully achieved more than 69 million impressions among consumers living in the southern region of the U.S. 

About Client

T-Mobile is one of the largest US wireless network operators. 

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