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Case Study – Purchasing Power


Refuel Gives Federal Employees Purchasing Power


Purchasing Power


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Purchasing Power sought to drive more government employee registrations and to increase brand awareness for services.

Key Results

As industry experts, Refuel Agency curated a successful comprehensive marketing strategy created to reach Federal Government Employees, during which our team of experts achieved 48,000 experiential impressions, 1.8 million on-base out-of-home impressions, and 2.8 digital impressions. Additionally, our efficient strategy was able to decrease the client’s cost per acquisition over 200x.


Using proprietary data from our Explorer Series, our team of experts used cross device display ads paired with experiential marketing to precisely target specific markets with a higher probability of enrollment.

About Client

Purchasing Power serves customers throughout the United States, offering a leading employee purchase program for online consumer products and educational services.

Omni-Channel Solutions

Our marketing experts deployed a hyper-focused and comprehensive approach to increase site visits and registrations with strategically placed on-base media, wrapped vehicles, and campaign sweepstakes. Additionally, the campaign was supported by audience and geo-specific digital media advertisements to reinforce messaging to the targeted audience.

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