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Case Study – Old Spice


Teen Athletes Get a Good Whiff of Old Spice with Refuel’s Successful, Long-Term Awareness Campaign


Procter & Gamble / Old Spice


Consumer Goods


Teens / Gen Z

old spice advertising


Old Spice sought to create a teen male deodorant sampling program for brand awareness.

Key Results

This extremely successful, award-winning campaign reached 10000 high schools and drove an 81% increase in Old Spice purchases and elevated into a national award for defensive high school football players and their coaches.


Our industry-leading experiential marketing experts designed and deployed a national sampling promotion at 10000 high schools using knowledge and data from our proprietary Gen Z Explorer study.

About Client

Old Spice is an American brand of male grooming products manufactured by Procter & Gamble. Their brand represents one of the most popular deodorant and body wash products among men of all ages.

Omni-Channel Solutions

With our extensive experiential marketing experience, Refuel marketing experts created an immensely successful, award-winning campaign that ran for 10 years nationally. Our team ran an annual sampling promotion consisting of branded football-themes materials, gears and awards which drove increase in trial and purchases across the U.S.

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