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Case Study – Nissin Foods


Campus Ambassadors Campaign for “Noods”


Nissin Foods





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When launching a new flavor of Cup Noodles, Nissin Foods sought to create authentic brand connections with students on campus while differentiating themselves from other brands of instant noodles.

Key Results

Using our team of certified student ambassadors to encourage authentic brand connections, Refuel reached 200,000 students across 11 campuses nationwide. This campaign distributed over 16,000 samples and garnered 115000 social impressions, successfully creating brand awareness and introducing the newly released flavor of noodles.


Our proprietary College Explorer revealed that over 80% of college undergrads pay the most attention fellow student recommendations for brands. For this reason, Refuel’s exclusive student ambassador strategies are imperative for targeting an undergrad audience.

About Client

Nisin Foods is a Japanese food company specializing in convenience foods and instant noodles. As the creators of instant ramen, Nissin developed “Cup Noodles” – the world’s first instant noodle product in a cup.

Omni-Channel Solutions

To accomplish authentic brand connections and create a buzz around the newly released flavor, Refuel enlisted our certified student ambassadors to host on-campus activities and be the face of social media sampling, giveaways, contests. This campaign was a glowing success, reaching 200,000 students across 11 campuses nationwide.

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