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#1 Data-Driven Niche Media + Marketing Agency

With over 30 years of experience, Refuel Agency is now the largest provider of Media + Marketing services specializing in and reaching select niche audiences throughout the United States. We help advertising agencies and clients boost their campaigns by offering both online and offline solutions to reach distinct niche audiences including military personnel, teens, college students and multicultural markets.

Audience reach = 42M
Network = 280+ installations, 400+ military publishers,
20M data uniques
Spending power = $1.2T+

Audience reach = 25.1M
Network = 12,500 schools
Spending power = $265.6B

Audience reach = 21M
Network = 4,500 colleges
Spending power = $593B

Audience reach = 130.1M
Network = 1,000+ partners
Spending power = $3.9T

#1 in Offering Largest Number of Media Solutions Reaching Niche Audiences​

Refuel combines proprietary consumer research together with proprietary media platforms to produce an omni-channel approach delivering the largest number of advertising and media options to agencies and clients, including digital, mobile, social, video, experiential, out-of-home, TV and print advertising to effectively reach and influence these niche audiences.

Having the largest number of unique digital-first omni-channel solutions available, everything we do is set up to help agencies and clients boost their campaigns by offering both online and offline solutions to reach our distinct niche audiences.

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#1 in Leveraging Proprietary Research Data to Produce the Best Campaign Performance Possible

At Refuel Agency, we believe research is critical to our success. That’s why we invest every year in proprietary research studies to ensure we understand our target consumers and how best to connect with them. We have decades of deep insight into military, teen, college and multicultural audiences. We are a consultative partner with our clients, showing how to best reach niche audiences. We have executed thousands of campaigns across every consumer category, many with 3rd party efficacy studies, so we know what works best.

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#1 in Total Billings for Niche Market Advertising

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and in that time have worked with almost half of all Fortune 500 companies across a diverse range of ad categories; including airlines, education, insurance, finance, CPG, telecom, healthcare, political, gaming, social, streaming, technology, OTC and e-commerce. Refuel has also worked with most of the top 100 advertising agencies as well as smaller boutique and specialist media planning & buying shops, and we believe that our success in reaching over $1.5B in total billings is down to combining our proprietary research with our proprietary media platforms to help agencies and clients plan better and more effective marketing campaigns. And with our long history of interacting with niche markets, we’ve proved that we know how to deliver.

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