Refuel Agency | Case Study - Army National Guard

Case Study – Army National Guard


Army National Guard Enlists Refuel Agency for National Campaign


U.S. Army National Guard




Teens / Gen Z

military education


U.S. Army National Guard sought to reach teens in school to drive interested students to the state recruitment team.

Key Results

During the 6-month campaign, Refuel placed advertisements on over 2,900 boards in more than 1,700 schools nationwide. During this time, the campaign successfully achieved over 995,000,000 impressions.


Refuel Agency uses proprietary research to strategically deploy in-school media to gain maximum exposure for our campaigns. With insights from our annual Teen Explorer™, we know that in-school media attracts the attention of nearly half of teenage consumers and of those teens, a third conducted additional research after seeing the advertisement. Using this and more data, Refuel was able to successfully create awareness of the benefits and incentives around enlisting in the Army National Guard.

About the U.S. National Guard

The Army National Guard is made up of community-based citizen soldiers with a unique dual mission to protect U.S. domestic interests in times of conflict or natural disaster and to support active duty military forces in responding to threats abroad. National Guardsmen live at home with their families while training part-time to fulfill their enlistment obligations.

Omni-Channel Solutions

Using our exclusive out-of-home networking abilities, Refuel generated a 6-month national campaign spanning both the spring and following fall semesters. Our team deployed this large-scale campaign by placing boards in the main hallways and both male and female locker rooms in high schools. With our extensive reach and targeting ability, we were able to create gender-specific, teen targeted, and state-specific campaigns to reach over 1M students.

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