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Case Study – Lyft


Refuel Drives Increase for Lyft Riders Among College Students






Undergrad / College

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Lyft sought to break into and grow their college student business with a purely digital campaign focused on promotional ride codes and coupons.

Key Results

As a truly digital 360° campaign targeted to college students nationwide, this initiative was successful in driving new riders as well as increasing rider frequency over the academic year. Refuel captured this information using promotional codes and coupons, seeing an increase in coupon use increase over 7x and an increase in promotional ride redemptions of more than 42x.


Our College Explorer revealed that college undergrads spend over $14 billion on ride share services. As the industry experts in this digitally native audience, Refuel was the natural choice for a national 360° campaign promoting an app-based service.

About Client

Lyft is an app-based company provides car rides, scooters, bicycle-sharing, and food delivery services based out of California and operates in over 600 cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Omni-Channel Solutions

Using new insights from our most recent College Explorer series, we combined a variety of offline and online strategies to create a comprehensive campaign for Lyft. This initiative successfully drove student downloads and increased both new and frequent riders.

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