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GEICO Advertising to U.S. Military and Dependents On-Base







The Challenge

GEICO has a rich history of serving the Military for over 75 years. They turned to Refuel Agency to create awareness across military service members, federal government employees and spouses. 

The Solution

Refuel uses its exclusive, proprietary Military Explorer Series™ study insights to develop all aspects of campaign management for GEICO, helping craft messaging, program offers, media format, timing and placement. We know that authentic messaging for military audiences requires awareness both at home and on-base—our research shows that more than two-thirds of military audiences find brands more meaningful when advertised on-base and nearly half military audiences who have seen a mobile ad while on base have subsequently visited the product website. As insights from our Explorer Studies™ identify shifts within the military markets, Refuel’s market strategists adjust media recommendations to optimize campaigns.

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The Results

Refuel’s military experts have deployed multiple, comprehensive media strategies resulting in over 775 million impressions for GECIO (and growing). Our exclusive relationships with on base partners and military-specific publications enabled omni-channel reach for GEICO. National campaigns have reached hundreds of bases with multi-touch point strategies including out of home media, including large wallscapes, targeted digital and traditional print media.

About Client

GEICO is an American auto insurance company.

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