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Case Study – GEICO


GEICO Advertising to U.S. Military and Dependents On-Base







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GEICO sought to advertise military-targeted insurance plans through national on-base advertising with out-of-home strategies, large scale banners, as well as targeted digital and traditional print media.

Key Results

Over 3 years, Refuel placed advertisements on over 500 military installations, reaching more than 2.5 Million military servicemembers, federal employees, and their dependents. During this time, our military audience experts deployed a comprehensive advertising strategy including out of home and digital marketing, resulting in an estimated more than 775 Million impressions and growing.


Through our biannual proprietary Military Explorer, we know that effective marketing to military audiences requires meeting them at home, on-base. Our studies indicate that more than two-thirds of military audiences find brands more meaningful when advertised on-base, and nearly half of military audiences who saw the mobile ad on base visited the product website. Using this data and more, we were able to successfully market GEICO’s campaign to military markets nationwide.

About Client

As the second largest private passenger automobile insurer in the United States, GEICO provides coverage for over 28 Million motor vehicles in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. GEICO is always committed to providing members of the military with special discount programs and service options, whether they are deployed domestically or abroad.

Omni-Channel Solutions

As insights from our Explorer Series indicate changes within the military markets, we have adjusted strategies accordingly with continued success. Our exclusive, long-standing partnerships with installation partners and military-specific publications allowed for Refuel to create a wide-reaching 360 advertising campaign to successfully spread brand awareness. Because of the steady growth provided by our military audience experts, Refuel has earned GEICO’s renewed business year over year.

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