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Case Study – DELL


Refuel Celebrates Successful SuperProm Campaign with Dell Computers




Computer Technology


Teens / Gen Z

prom marketing


Dell sought to drive laptop web sales to graduating seniors and incoming freshmen college students through a promotional sweepstakes campaign.

Key Results

Our Teen and Gen Z marketing experts used Refuel’s proprietary in-school media and out-of-home marketing strategies to create a successful brand awareness campaign. This initiative reached 70,000 students in over 500 high schools, culminating in 26 million campaign impressions.


Refuel’s data and insights from our Teen Explorer series shows that teens are more than 50% more likely to visit a website after viewing an out-of-home ad than the general population and nearly one-third of teens who have seen the ad mention it to a friend or family as a result.

About Client

Dell Computer Company, as a multinational technology company that develops, sells, and supports computers globally, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of PCs.

Omni-Channel Solutions

With our national in-school media network, Refuel was able to poster over 500 schools with an engaging out-of-home advertisement. This campaign was extremely successful in creating brand impressions across the U.S.

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