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Casio's Seasonal Campaign Geared
for Military Grade Watches







The Challenge

Casio sought to drive holiday sales for their newly released line of shock resistance watches specifically to military members and their families.

The Solution

Our exclusive Military Explorer Series™ revealed that 28% of military audience members go to movies as their top base event and more than one-third of those members who saw a video ad mentioned it to their friends or family. With Refuel’s extensive out-of-home cinema solutions network and proprietary data, we were able to saturate key sales markets during the busiest time of the year.

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The Results

The military audience experts used a strategically targeted video advertisement and out-of-home marketing campaign during the biggest shopping season of the year. This campaign was successfully deployed this campaign for maximum effect and achieved a high number of impressions nationally.

Refuel achieved over 2.5 million impressions across 28 markets in the holiday shopping season by showing ads targeted to military males between the ages of 18-49 in 100 theaters as previews before highly anticipated blockbuster hits.

About Client

Casio Computer company is a Japanese electronics manufacturer creating calculators, phones, digital cameras, musical instruments and analog and digital watches.

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