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California All Case Study

Refuel Introduces Incoming Freshman to P&G Products

P&G - Consumer Goods - College

P&G sought to capture incoming college freshmen as entry point consumers to establish brand recognition and earn brand loyalty from this specific demographic as they are making their own personal brand decisions for the first time.

Refuel Rings in the New Year for T-Mobile Among Military Audience

T-Mobile - Telecommunications - Military

T-Mobile sought to launch a large-scale campaign in several major markets targeted to military servicemembers and dependents as a seasonal promotion.

Refuel Gets Loud About College Student Incentives with Spotify

Spotify - Media streaming - College

Spotify sought to launch a national campaign creating awareness and buzz around their new student discount for their Premium streaming services.

Refuel Scores Big with Hispanic Market for El Clasico on beIN Sports Network

beIN Sports - Media - Multicultural: Hispanic

beIN Sports sought to reach U.S. Hispanic audiences through traditional print media to advertise a culturally significant soccer match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

GEICO Advertising to U.S. Military and Dependents On-Base

GEICO - Insurance - Military

GEICO sought to advertise military-targeted insurance plans through national on-base advertising with out-of-home strategies, large scale banners, as well as targeted digital and traditional print media.

Army National Guard Enlists Refuel Agency for National Campaign

U.S. Army National Guard - Government - Teens / Gen Z

U.S. Army National Guard sought to reach teens in school to drive interested students to the state recruitment team. pumps up sales to military audience - Consumer Goods - Military wanted to create brand awareness and promote military discounts with the goal of driving sales from military members and dependents to their online store.

Seasonal Campaign Geared to Servicemembers for Military Grade Watches

Casio - Electronics - Military

Casio sought to drive holiday sales for their newly released line of shock resistance watches specifically to military members and their families.

Refuel Rolls Out On-Base Marketing for TriCare Pharmacy

Ahold - Healthcare - Military

Ahold sought to drive military service members business into their Stop and Shop pharmacies.

Refuel Gives Federal Employees Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power - Consumer Goods - Military

Purchasing Power sought to drive more government employee registrations and to increase brand awareness for services.

DHSS Campaign to Snuff out Teen Vaping

Delaware Health and Social Services - Government - Teens / Gen Z

DHSS wanted to educate high school students on the dangers of vaping statewide in Delaware.

Refuel Celebrates Successful SuperProm Campaign with Dell Computers

Dell - Computer Technology - Teens / Gen Z

Dell sought to drive laptop web sales to graduating seniors and incoming freshmen college students through a promotional sweepstakes campaign.

“The Real Cost” of Vaping

U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Government - Teens / Gen Z

After launching the first iteration of “The Real Cost” campaign against tobacco, the FDA sought to expand their message to teens to include the dangers of e-cigarette use and vaping.

Teen Athletes Get a Good Whiff of Old Spice with Refuel’s Successful, Long-Term Awareness Campaign

Procter & Gamble / Old Spice - Consumer Goods - Teens / Gen Z

Old Spice sought to create a teen male deodorant sampling program for brand awareness.

Refuel Brings the Perfect Prom Dress to Teens Nationally - Fashion - Teen

The online prom “superstore,”, sought to boost online sales during the spring season for high school Junior and Senior girls.

Refuel Delivers Grocery Services to Undergrads Nationally

Albertsons - Grocery - Undergrad / College

Albertsons, Safeway and Vons wanted to let both college students and their parents know about their new online grocery delivery service through a targeted email campaign.

Refuel Drives Increase for Lyft Riders Among College Students

Lyft - Transportation - Undergrad / College

Lyft sought to break into and grow their college student business with a purely digital campaign focused on promotional ride codes and coupons.

Campus Ambassadors Campaign for “Noods”

Nissin Foods - Food - College

When launching a new flavor of Cup Noodles, Nissin Foods sought to create authentic brand connections with students on campus while differentiating themselves from other brands of instant noodles.

Refuel Gets the Message Clear on Consent for College Students

Trojan Brand Condoms - Consumer Goods - College

Trojan Brand Condoms sought to create awareness around healthy sexual relationships and to sign a pledge committing to acquiring consent.

Refuel Ensures Covered CA Reaches Hispanic and African American Consumers

Covered California - Healthcare - Hispanic & African American California Residents

Covered California sought to promote and drive awareness of the healthcare options across the state, specifically targeting African American and Hispanic populations.

Refuel Brings Indian Frequent Flyers Home with Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines - Transportation - Multicultural

Emirates Airlines sought to target Indians in the U.S. to market their airlines as the premier choice for frequent international flights.

Refuel Agency Inspires Students to Pursue Mental Health Careers with Bring Change to Mind

Bring Change to Mind - Mental Health Awareness - College

Bring Change to Mind sought to bring their message about the importance of mental health. The Gen Z generation is seeing an increasing number of mental health issues and depression, and Bring Change to Mind wanted to encourage undeclared underclassmen to consider a career in mental health.

Refuel Helps Face the Issue Spark Student Conversations About Mental Health Awareness

Face the Issue - Mental Health Awareness - College

Face the Issue sought to support their mission to break the stigma and resulting silence that surrounds a wide range of mental health issues by promoting healthy, productive conversations about mental health awareness.

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