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Refuel Delivers Albertsons' Grocery Services to Undergrads Nationally






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The Challenge

Albertsons, Safeway and Vons wanted to let both college students and their parents know about their new online grocery delivery service through a targeted email campaign.

The Solution

Our College Explorer Series™ revealed that college undergrads spend over $66 billion dollars on food annually and over 80% use online food delivery services regularly – more than half use it at least once a week.

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The Results

Our email marketing team deployed 4.6 million strategically targeted emails to students at 70 universities and community colleges as well as parents of students at those schools. This campaign achieved an average open rate over 17% and a CTR of 2.44%.

Using new our first party data, Refuel deployed emails strategically targeted to college students and their parents nationwide. With above industry average open rates and strong CTR, we raised awareness of this service within the college community and brought new customers to local Albertsons stores.

About Client

Albertsons is the second-largest supermarket chain in North America boasting a strong local presence and national scale. The company has stores across 35 states and the District of Columbia.

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