Military Appreciation Month: 4 Reasons These Loyal Consumers Should Be On Your Radar

Military Appreciation Month: 4 Reasons These Loyal Consumers Should Be On Your Radar

May 25, 2017

Military Appreciation Month

There is no one more deserving of appreciation than the United States Military.

Eighteen years ago, Congress allocated proper recognition for the brave men and women who serve our country by designating May as National Military Appreciation Month.

Over the years, individuals and brands alike have begun to understand the importance of honoring the sacrifices of our nation’s soldiers and their families. Companies like Sears, The Home Depot and Lowe’s are giving back this month by offering discounts to military personnel. Applebee’s is taking it a step further, partnering with Operation Gratitude — a nonprofit organization that sends care packages overseas — as part of their Military Appreciation Month celebration.

Not only are these companies admirable for recognizing and appreciating those who serve, but in doing so they’re also connecting with an important — and loyal — consumer community. If your brand doesn’t have a strategy in place to reach and engage military consumers, it’s overlooking a vital audience.

Not convinced yet? Perhaps these facts from our Military ExplorerTM research study, the only large-scale study of the U.S. Active Duty and Veterans, examining their usage habits, digital media consumption, advertising perceptions, shopping patterns, and post active duty plans — may change your mind.

  1. They yield a tremendous amount of spending power. 6.2 million Military members and 2.9 million Post-9/11 Veterans is nothing to wince at. This group yields an enormous amount of spending power and influence. When you add dependents to the mix, this consumer audience includes almost 30 million Americans alive today.
  2. They are loyal shoppers. The men and women of our military are loyal and savvy shoppers, visiting on-base and off-base retailers to obtain quality products from their favorite brands at value prices. When asked what motivates them to stay loyal to a brand, quality (63% Active Duty / 73% Veterans), discounts (52% Active Duty / 66% Veterans) and reward programs (44% Active Duty / 46% Veterans) are key influencers.
  3. They plan to buy high-ticket items. Almost half of active duty intends to buy high value items, such as houses or cars, in the next 12 months. Moreover, they intend to utilize numerous financing services and insurances in the process.
  4. They are receptive to all types of on-base advertising. Simply put, on-base ads work. 68% of respondents agreed they feel a deeper connection to brands when they see their ads on-base. Print ads resonate most, with 56% indicating they bought a product after seeing the on-base print ad. Experiential and sampling also increase purchase intent; 42% bought the product after attending a brand-sponsored event on-base, and 40% after receiving a product sample on-base.

With facts like these, it’s time for more brands to start acknowledging the potential of building a relationship with the military market — not just this month, but every month. To get started, fill out the info box to the right and let us send you some insight reports along with case studies and efficacy research matched to your product/service category.


Author:  Liz Carmo, VP Military / Refuel Agency