Millennial Teens Digital Explorer

Millennial Teens Digital Explorer

December 10, 2016

Digital Marketing to Millennial Teens

Millennial Teens Digital Explorer

Teens are the most digitally-connected generation and seemingly the most difficult to reach. Refuel Agency presents its first annual custom study on millennial teenagers and their digital lifestyles. The study explores topics such as digital usage, tech ownership, purchasing habits, media perceptions and more. We get to know millennial teens on a deeper level and determine how to effectively engage with this modern audience.


  • Digital and Social Media Usage
  • Mobile App Usage
  • Technology Usage and Ownership
  • Income Source and Spending
  • Purchase Influence
  • Product Purchase Behavior
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Digital Advertising to Millennial Teens
  • Media Perceptions
  • Modern Issues

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Take a look at some of the key findings from the Millennial Teens Digital Explorer in the infographic below: